How it Works

If you are wanting to send multiple gifts to multiple people use the ‘Curate a Gift List’ option to build out gift lists for different people or budgets. By using this service it also helps us understand what gifts need to be packaged together so that you don’t have to lift finger - it’s all part of the service!!

Watch the quick explainer video below to see how easy it is to curate your own gift lists. Have fun shopping!!


Private Client Concierge Service

Are you after a more hands on experience? The Duo also offer a Concierge Service. Send us your brief and budget and we will put together gifting ideas for you. We work with a raft of incredible makers, creators and brands and are the masters of working across varying requirements. Click the ‘Contact Us’ button below to reach out and start the process.

How it works




Get all your gifting completed in the one order. Create and name your gift lists specific to budgets, gifting requirements or Client / staff groups. Choose gifts and pop them into specific gift lists.



Choose the product(s) you want to put into each Gift List, you might want to gift this group one or numerous products either way we’ll package these gifts and ensure they go to the correct recipients. Don’t have time to do this? Use our Concierge service, simply send the brief and budget and we’ll do the leg work. Email



Choose your packaging solution. Buying a gift for yourself? You have the option to select no packaging. Giving a gift? The Duo will package the gifts using our luxury tissue, ribbon and gift bag OR The Duo will organise bespoke branded packaging just for you.



The Duo can send all your gifts to one location or send each and every gift out to numerous recipients. You can also pre-plan your yearly gifting needs - just let us know your gifting schedule and we’ll ensure your gifts are delivered accordingly. We take care of everything to make your life easy!



Why do I need to ‘curate a gift list’, what is the purpose?+

You might be shopping for ie three different people with varying budgets and requirements for each person. If you set up three separate gifts lists that enables us to know what products need to be packaged together. If you supply the delivery addresses and require hand written notes then we know which gift to send with which message.

What if I have multiple people receiving gifts under each gift list?+

No problem, simply increase the amount of product you require under each gift list to match the number of people you are buying gifts for - we’ll then package that amount of gifts up for you. If you supply the addresses we will also ship the gifts to each recipient so you don’t have to lift a finger.

How many different gift lists can I set up?+

As many as you’d like, there is no limit. If you have five different groups of people or budgets then create 5 different gift lists.

Can the gifts be sent to multiple recipients?+

Yes, absolutely, simply tick the box that says ‘multiple orders’ on the order overview page and a CSV file will be sent via email with your order confirmation. Fill out the CSV file with the names and addresses of the gift recipients, send back to us, and we’ll do the rest. 

What is the Private Client Concierge Service?+

This service is offered by The Duo to help Corporates find their ideal gift and save themselves time. We have access to thousands of beautiful products (many not found on the website)  so please email your brief and budget and we’ll narrow down specific items / groups of items we think fit your requirements. Please email the brief to


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