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Silk Fibre Diffuser

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A contemporary style diffuser for lovers of elegance and modest sophistication. Awaken the senses, enliven the spirit, energise the body. Let Oriental influences transport you to the peace and simplicity of a Balinese villa, where ylang ylang flowers hang heavy and sensual. Where citrus sweetens the air, where the freshness of ginger meets the depth of woody aromas. A juxtaposition of energising lemongrass and calming ylang ylang make this fragrance perfect for a moment's escapism or an uplifting retreat from reality. Mineral Oil Diffuser Set with Silk Fibre Reeds. Up to 6 months of scent dispersion.
Silk Fibre Diffuser


Safety: Do not light reeds. Keep well out of reach of children and pets. This product is not for human consumption.

Care Instructions: Unscrew black collar and remove the bung. Place silk fibre sticks into the mineral oil and leave to absorb for around 15 minutes. After the oil has absorbed slightly, we recommend flipping the sticks to ensure a stunning scent dispersion throughout your space. Flip the silk fibre sticks weekly to keep them fresh and scent dispersion ongoing. If the oil is accidentally spilled, ensure to remove the oil from the surface immediately. Failure to remove spilt oil could result in a damaged surface.

Meet the maker


Whanganui, New Zealand

A LIFTING OF SPIRITS. AN EVOCATION OF NOSTALGIA. A SOFTENING OF TENSION. A MANIFESTATION OF CALM. Such is the power of fragrance, shifting focus inwards, invoking sensory experiences reminiscent of treasured times, stirring inspiration, or rendering a moment's escape in an immersion of luxury.​Harnessing this power is what inspires the creation of Kingdom's luxe candles, designed and made by hand here in New Zealand. Combining the ancient alchemy of fine fragrance, with sleek, contemporary design, Kingdom candles are an everyday luxury with scents to elicit a simple yet powerful transcendence, personal to you. With high quality oils sourced from around the globe, the fragrances of these natural soy, triple-scent candles are eclectic - inspired by the true beauty of nature, the stories of travels, and the warmth and desire of luxury. Nostalgic, exotic, enlivening, calming - every scent has a story, either one that's been lived, or one that is about to be brought to life. Kingdom candles are designed to bring beauty to your home, connection to your space, and presence ​to your senses, while igniting those stories within.


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