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Picnic Blanket

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The classic Swanndri check in a picnic blanket - perfect for a day at the beach or a weekend picnic at the park. Please enquire for corporate ordering and custom embroidery.
Picnic BlanketPicnic Blanket


  • 100% Polyester Fleece with PVC underside
  • Waterproof
  • 1.5m long x 1.35m wide
  • Classic Swanndri Check
  • Foldable with carry handle

Swanndri source the highest quality wool they can get their hands on from farms throughout New Zealand. 

Meet the maker


Christchurch, New Zealand

Most people spend the two days before Christmas worrying about last-minute presents, but not William Broome. On December 23rd, 1913, he trademarked what’s become New Zealand’s most iconic outerwear brand. Designed to keep you dry like a swan’s plumage, Broome devised the name Swanndri. Perhaps it was a particularly rainy summer at his home in Taranaki, or perhaps Broome just had the foresight to know that Kiwi weather can turn in an instant. Either way, from day one, Swanndri was designed to keep rural New Zealanders comfortable no matter what the weather threw at them: from bitterly cold and wet winter mornings to hot, harsh summer afternoons. As secret as a certain chicken recipe from Kentucky, the liquid formula Broome would treat early Swannis with has been the source of much speculation. The best guess is that Broome, a tailor by trade, brought it with him when he migrated from the UK to New Zealand at 21 years of age. Whatever was in that magic potion, the waterproofness of Swanndri garments provided the backbone from which the brand was built on. In 1927, a tailor named John McKendrick added a hood, a laced front, and long sleeves to the original bush shirt design and introduced the classic olive green still used across the range today. John's business began producing the bush shirt under licence to the Broome family before eventually buying the rights to the trademark in 1964. In 2005 Swanndri began to move manufacturing of most items off shore, as the resources available in New Zealand no longer met the needs of the growing business. Swanndri still grow the wool for outerwear in NZ and also make their socks and leather belts here. Wool remains the core fibre of everything produce at Swanndri. Yes, the mighty sheep — the animal synonymous with New Zealand — provides the miracle fibre relied on to keep you warm and dry. Swanndri have kept us warm and comfortable on the farms, in the mountains, and in forests of New Zealand and around the world, but today they also keep us comfortable and looking sharp in the cities. Swanndri’s signature style extends beyond the rural environment and their range is a real crowd pleaser with city folk, too.


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